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Dear Parents and Students,
Our Own English High School, Fujairah provides an atmosphere of learning that encourages students to discover and express their own unique talents and potential. Excellent faculty and philosophy of promoting individual worth and the dignity of each child, are all building blocks for a foundation that supports learning on all levels ­– spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

We are committed to educational excellence enriched by the arts, athletics, educational technology, and a plethora of activities that contribute to the success of your child.

We feel that our students are the leaders of tomorrow and want them to be well equipped for the future. We will be pleased to schedule a personalized tour and answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s education.



Dr. S. Reshma


“School is not only about developing the ‘Smart Students’ but it’s
also about ‘Happy Children’ with their smile, confidence and
courage to learn and pursue those things passionately
which are dear to their heart and mind. Then only
we will be having the prosperous and true
Gen-Next.” – Dr. S. Reshma

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